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Buy your Books

Use your course identification number (including section number) for class to locate your books at UNO's online bookstore. Your books will be mailed UPS so please allow a week to 10 days for delivery.

Log into gmav (student email)

Go to, then enter your UNO Net ID and password provided by the Registrar's office when you were admitted to UNO. Become familiar with opening and sending messages.

Locate your Virtual Classroom

  • Prior to the first day of the semester,locate your class on Blackboard. Blackboard is UNO’s learning management system where you will find your course materials and through which you will communicate with fellow students and your instructor. If you have not used Blackboard before, click the Help icon inside Blackboard and locate the Student FAQ's and help documents.
  • Browse the course materials and become familiar with the navigation. If you have problems, contact your instructor immediately.
  • Find your instructor's email address and check for announcments.
  • Read all directions your instructor gives you on the course. Pay careful attention to all the requirements.
  • Email your instructor as soon as the semester begins.

Review your Technology

In order to take an online course, there are certain requirements that you need to consider. Computer hardware, software and connection speed requirements will vary by department or course, so be sure to check with your instructor at the start of each course. The list below is intended only as a guideline.


  • Access to a computer (Windows or Macintosh)
  • Access to the Internet(High speed cable recommended)
  • DVD Player - Some online courses may have lectures and supplemental material on DVD
  • Webcam & Microphone - Some courses may have interactive video and/or audio chats


Since online courses are based on technology, you should have access to a reasonably new computer. A general rule is that if your computer is fewer than two years old, it will fit the requirements for taking an online course. Specific recommended requirements are listed below:

  • Operating System – Windows 7
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 (or AMD equivalent) or better
  • RAM – 8 GB or better
  • Hard Drive – 250 GB or better

Software / Plugins:

These free software packages and plugins that are the most commonly used. Click on the links below to download the most current versions.

Visit the Library

Don't wait until your first paper is due to visit the UNO Criss Library! Take the time to review the online library services available to you as a distance learning student. The library staff is happy to help you utilize all of the library resources. JUST ASK!

Set your Study Schedule

As you don't have to physically attend class, it is tempting to put off assignments, projects, and papers until later. Manage your time and don't procrastinate. Establish a routine for completing course work on a weekly basis, and select a study location without distractions and interruptions.


Use e-mail, discussion boards, live chat, telephone, fax and mail; but do contribute your ideas and perspectives. The more you participate, the less isolated you will feel.

Ask Questions

Get over your reluctance to ask questions. But ask specific questions instead of general ones. Remember in a virtual classsroom no one can give you a dirty look for what they think is a dumb question. In the end your question may help your classmates, as well.

Be Respectful

Keep comments and discussions positive, and think before you press the "send" button. Don't respond in a momnent of anger or frustration. Take time to think your ideas through and compose a thoughtful response. UNO's Student Code of Conduct applies to online course, too.

Get Help Now

Don't put it off! If you are struggling with a course, talk with or e-mail your professor for help. Your professor can provide suggestions or recommendations for successfully completing the course.

Having problems with locating the correct person or office to help you? Check the current UNO student website at: for a directory of services.

Meet with your Academic Advisor

Stay on track toward graduation by working with your academic advisor every semester prior to registration. Don't waste time or money taking classes you don't need. Your advisor is your key to a timely graduation!

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